Undie Sunday

Communities Together has been collecting diapers, pull-ups and underwear for children in the Greater Lawrence area during the Lenten season since 1998.

Undies-Photo Diapers, Bobbie, Sarah and Priscilla
Undies-2020YWCA Fina House
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During the 2021 pandemic, the outpouring of concern for others and support for this initiative was overwhelming. 

Through the generosity of individuals and churches, the organization collected:

  • 27,000+ Diapers
  • 2,000 Pairs of children’s underwear
  • 9,500 Wipes

The collection was distributed to the following local social agencies who serve families in need:

  • Lazarus House
  • St. Vincent’s Ministry
  • Horizons for Children Family Shelter
  • Si Se Puede
  • Bread and Roses
  • Pregnancy Care Center
  • Fina House/YMCA
  • People’s Pantry
  • Emmaus House
  • Neighbors in Need

Why are diapers so important?

Why is the diaper/underwear drive an important ministry for the community?

Many moms make significant sacrifices just to afford diapers for their babies.

Diaper need remains a common and hidden problem of poverty, made worse by job losses and social isolation.

Families spend $75 a month to diaper one child, or 8% of a full-time minimum wage salary.

A newborn will use about 360 diapers a month for a price of roughly $93.

Though diapers are essential for babies, they are not systematically covered by safety-net policies. Neither WIC nor food stamps cover diapers.